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GOP Civil War: Laxalt and Sandoval Do Battle Again

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Sandoval Calls Laxalt’s School Safety Summit “Redundant” 

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is once again clashing with Attorney General Adam Laxalt after he found out Laxalt plans to host a competing school safety summit. Sandoval effectively called Laxalt’s event a waste of time saying, “I would imagine that much if not all of that is redundant of what we’re already doing.” The two had clearly not properly coordinated before announcing their dueling events.
This isn’t the first time Laxalt has found himself at odds with Sandoval. Laxalt launched his campaignpromising to repeal the school funding plan that Sandoval considers a key accomplishment. Sandoval was quick to scold Laxalt. “I think it is going to hurt kids. I think it is going to hurt teachers. I think it is going to hurt parents,” he said.
That’s just the start of their disagreements. Laxalt also:

  • Inexplicably voted against Gov. Sandoval’s pardon of a wrongfully convicted man.
  • Joined a lawsuit challenging the expansion of DACA, a move Sandoval disagreed with.
  • Disagrees with Sandoval’s positions on many social issues like same-sex marriage and reproductive rights.

“Adam Laxalt isn’t running to uphold the Sandoval agenda, he’s running to dismantle it,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Sandoval and Laxalt are battling for the soul of the Republican party in Nevada, and it’s likely to get nastier before the campaign is over. If these spats keep happening, Nevada Republicans are going to have a hard time uniting the party in November.”