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GOP Civil War: Former Republican Mayor Bashes Greg Gianforte For Lying to Montanans

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Over the weekend, former Republican Mayor of Kalispell Tammi Fisher fanned the flames of the ongoing Montana GOP Civil War. She used her podcast “Montana Values” to bash Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Gianforte for playing “dirty tricks” and repeatedly lying to Montanans.

Fisher rubbed salt in the wounds that haven’t quite healed yet from the GOP primary. She criticized Gianforte for breaking his campaign promise to wall himself off from his investments and called him out for trying to use Tim Fox’s cancer diagnosis against him. And it’s clear Fox still isn’t over it – months after the primary, he still hasn’t endorsed Gianforte, despite spending his time campaigning for down-ballot candidates. 

Off the air, Fisher joins other Montana conservatives in slamming Gianforte, saying things like, “I had a Greg Gianforte joke but someone beat me to the punch” and retweeting comments which include: “@GregForMontana is a convicted criminal. I don’t give one wit about his economic plan” and “Why would Montana Republicans let a man convicted of a crime buy the governor’s office? Greg Gianforte does not reflect Montana values. Write in Tim Fox.

Fox and Fisher are far from the only Republicans who despise Gianforte – earlier this month, former Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Brown declared he would not vote for Gianforte in November.

Listen to the podcast here.