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GOP Civil War: Amanda Chase Sues VA GOP Over Convention

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“The GOP is heading towards a train wreck.”

You just can’t make this stuff up – GOP gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase is suing the Virginia Republican party for choosing its nominees via a convention, arguing that a large, in-person convention would likely violate pandemic restrictions.

Chase, a self-proclaimed “Trump in heels” who sees herself as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, has long opposed a convention because she sees a primary as her best path to victory. She fears that the members of the state central committee might rig a convention against her: “We cannot allow 72 partisans on the GOP State Central Committee to chose (sic) our statewide Republican nominees for Governor; […] True Republicans say no to socialism and rigged elections.

This isn’t the first time Chase has hinted that she plans to accuse the VA GOP of cheating should she lose the Republican nomination: “I will tell you this: if there’s no cheating involved, I do believe that I would win a convention.” [15:40] She doubled down on her warning during a radio interview this week, saying there were a lot of “shenanigans” that have taken place during previous conventions.

The drama doesn’t end here; in fact, it’s likely only the start of a very long, chaotic nomination process for the VA GOP. Amanda Chase warned, ”The GOP is heading towards a train wreck.”

Virginia Republicans are dealing with a lengthy list of mediocre, Trump wannabe candidates, a state party that is “disorganized and broke,” and the looming threat of an independent run from both Chase and Rep. Denver Riggleman. And with party leaders spending every weekend fighting over how to choose a nominee, they’ve spent little to no time paying attention to the struggles of everyday Virginians.

“The Virginia GOP isn’t heading towards a train wreck – they are a train wreck,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Between Chase’s lawsuit, the never-ending list of Republican candidates fighting over who’s the Trumpiest, and the fact that the VA GOP is ‘disorganized and broke,’ the VA GOP is a complete disaster and an embarrassment to the commonwealth.”