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GOP Civil War: Amanda Chase Calls “Foul” on Pete Snyder Staffer Who Plays Advisory Role on Nominating Committee

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This week, the Virginia GOP voted to reaffirm their decision to hold a convention over frontrunner Amanda Chase’s objections – a move VA Republican voters are calling “rigged” and “an absolute joke.” 

More evidence came out today to further their suspicions. It turns out one of candidate Pete Snyder’s senior staff members plays an advisory role on the State Central Committee, which is responsible for making nomination decisions.

Chase is now going after Snyder, “calling foul” and warning “the shenanigans are already starting.” Chase has threatened to run as an independent candidate if she feels there is “cheating involved” at the convention. This latest revelation won’t do anything to calm her fears, but Chase is the frontrunner no matter the format.

The Virginia GOP has been wrapped up in a political firestorm ever since they decided to hold a convention, which former GOP governors warned would be divisive. Adding to their troubles, in an embarrassing oversight, Liberty University called out the Virginia GOP for failing to fully consult them prior to the decision to hold a convention at the campus. The university stipulated they will hold the event, so long as the GOP pays rental expenses. Considering the party is “disorganized and broke,” we’re interested to see how this turns out.

“The Virginia GOP thought the civil war would calm down when they finalized a nominating method, but they were wrong,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Amanda Chase and her supporters were already riled up about cheating and backroom deals – the revelation that Pete Snyder’s campaign staffer has a hand in committee decisions certainly won’t ease tensions. And that’s not even the VA GOP’s biggest problem – you can’t hold a rigged convention without a venue.”