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GOP Civil War: Abraham Breaks His Promise Not To Go Negative, Calls Rispone “Desperate”

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With less than two weeks until the jungle primary, Rep. Ralph Abraham is leaving no promise kept. He just broke a promise not to go negative against his fellow Republican, Eddie Rispone, by airing a new attack ad calling Rispone “desperate” and accusing him of ”lying.”
Abraham said he “absolutely” would not go negative on Rispone yesterday. Turns out, his promise was as empty as his vow to donate his salary to sick children and wounded veterans.
We got a preview of Abraham’s new campaign strategy when he couldn’t stop attacking Rispone during the last debate. Abraham pummeled Rispone for being a political insider and compared Rispone’s position on a constitutional convention to an Elvis Presley song, saying, “fools rush in.”
“Louisiana Republicans are absolutely on pace for an all-out brawl with less than two weeks until the primary,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Republicans said they needed unity to win and their party is coming undone at the seams. Just in time for Halloween season, Republicans have a frightening scenario on their hands.”