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GM's Wentzville Expansion to Create 1600 Jobs

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The 500,000 square-foot annex to the Wentzville plant was inaugurated last Tuesday morning at a ceremony in the future site of the new facility, which will house GM’s new production line of a redesigned  Colorado pickup truck as well as add a second shift of workers to produce GM’s Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana vans. Nixon said the expansion will create 1,660 new local manufacturing jobs.
“It is absolutely no accident that the rebirth of the American auto-industry is occurring right here,” said Gov. Jay Nixon, who attended the ceremony. “For generations, Missouri workers have kept America moving forward, and today Missouri’s autoworkers are once again leading the way for our state, for our country and for the world. This is Missouri’s moment,” Nixon said. “In my first full day as governor I promised that we would built automobiles of the future, right here in Missouri.”
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