Gloves Come Off In Tennessee GOP Race

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Boyd and Black Launch Brutal Attacks, Showcasing Far-right Agenda

The Tennessee GOP primary took a nasty turn last week as Republican candidates turned on each other with new negative ads, doubling down on their far-right policies and vicious personal attacks.
First, Rep. Diane Black released an attack ad bragging about being “too conservative” and slamming Bill Lee and Randy Boyd. In response, Boyd launched a broadside attack at Black, dubbing her “D.C. Diane,” a career politician, out of touch with Tennessee voters. Black quickly released a comeback hitting Boyd’s stances on guns, a sign of just how quickly things are escalating.
Now that things are starting to really heat up, Black, Boyd, and Lee exposing just how extreme their policies really are.

“With a month left before the primary, Tennessee Republicans running for governor are exposing themselves as the far-right ideologues they really are,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Whoever emerges from this brutal race will be a bruised candidate, pushing far-right policies, and out of touch with Tennesseans.”