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Glenn Youngkin Wants to Bring the Betsy DeVos Education Agenda to Virginia

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Glenn Youngkin didn’t wait until he was elected to confirm he’ll bring the Donald Trump-Betsy DeVos education agenda to Virginia. Yesterday, Betsy Devos appeared as a surrogate on his behalf.

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign predicted this. They released an ad titled “Starving Schools,” showing how Youngkin’s education plan would follow the Trump-DeVos playbook and result in massive cuts to Virginia public schools.

Youngkin has said, “President Trump represents so much of why I’m running,” so it’s no surprise that he would follow Trump and DeVos’ lead on education. Youngkin has admitted his plan would shift money from public schools to private schools.

Studies have shown Youngkin’s plan would cut $10 billion in education funding and lead to the elimination of 43,000 educator positions in the state.

Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe would make a record $2 billion annual investment in education to get every student online, expand pre-K to 40,000 children, and get teacher pay above the national average for the first time in Virginia history.

“Not only does Donald Trump represent so much of why Glenn Youngkin is running, so does Betsy Devos,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Youngkin’s agenda would slash public school funding, lay off teachers, and cripple Virginia’s public education systems. The Trump-DeVos-Youngkin education plan is wrong for Virginia.”