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Glenn Youngkin Plays Footsie with Election Truthers, Forcing Him to Spend the Day Talking About Whether He Thinks the 2020 Election Result Was Fair

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After doubling down on Trumpism and playing footsie with election truthers, Glenn Youngkin is scrambling to walk back his far-right extremism. Facing criticism for refusing to say “whether he would have voted to certify the election on Jan. 6 if he were a member of Congress” in an interview, Youngkin changed his response and was forced to spend the day talking about whether he thinks the 2020 election result was fair.

Youngkin went on to falsely claim he had said “all along” that Joe Biden was legitimately elected. In reality, Youngkin refused to do so for months, only admitting the truth after he won the Republican nomination.

Time after time, Youngkin has cemented his status as Trump’s hand-picked candidate for Virginia governor by spreading Trump’s lies. Glenn based his entire campaign around Trump’s ‘Big Lie’, calling non-existent voter fraud “the most important issue” in his campaign. Youngkin also refused to tell a voter the truth that there is no possible path for Trump’s reinstatement as president, instead saying it was “unclear.”

Youngkin’s unpopular, far-right agenda doesn’t end with his conspiracy theories about the election. Glenn has taken a radical stance on restricting reproductive rights, promising to go “on offense” and ban abortions and defund Planned Parenthood if elected governor.

Glenn is also peddling a dangerous COVID-19 agenda that threatens to prolong the pandemic, from spreading anti-vaxx rhetoric to opposing ​​vaccine mandates — even for health care workers and teachers.

 “Glenn can try all he wants to walk back his veiled threats about undermining democracy — he’s already made it perfectly clear to Virginians that his priorities lie with embracing Trump and spreading his dangerous lies,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “If elected, Youngkin threatens to undo the tremendous progress Virginia has made under Democratic leadership, like creating good-paying jobs and growing the economy so that it works for everyone. There’s too much at stake to let Glenn Youngkin institute his Trumpian agenda in Virginia.”