Glenn Youngkin Fans the Flames of Trump’s Culture Wars Without Releasing A Single Substantive Policy Position

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Since barely eking out a win in the absolute nightmare of the Virginia GOP’s primary, Glenn Youngkin has been crystal clear on where his priorities lie: spending his days on Fox News and Newsmax, pandering to Trump’s base, and doubling down on his extreme, far-right views.

Immediately after becoming the GOP nominee, Youngkin was “honored” to receive an endorsement from Trump and said, “President Trump represents so much of why I’m running.”

Youngkin’s extreme agenda extends to anti-LGBTQ equality, where he continues to take a hardline against equality in Virginia. Youngkin has launched repeated attacks against transgender youth and recent reporting highlighted Youngkin’s opposition to the non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ individuals secured in the landmark Virginia Values Act. 

While staking out divisive, hate-filled positions on social issues, Youngkin’s. only substantive policy proposal vows to fight non-existent voter fraud — straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook of the conspiracy theories that led to the January 6th insurrection.

“Glenn Youngkin is spending his days on conservative talk shows spouting off extreme right-wing talking points completely out of step with Virginians,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “After spending the primary embracing Donald Trump’s agenda, Youngkin made it clear he’s an extremist who wants to eliminate access to abortion and roll back gun violence prevention laws. Those are the stakes in this election.”