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Glenn Youngkin Doubles Down on Trump’s Conspiracies, Will Participate in “Election Integrity” Rally

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Glenn Proves Once Again He’d Rather Stand with Trump’s Lies than Tell the Truth to Virginians 

Glenn Youngkin will be a “featured guest” at the Virginia 5th District GOP’s so-called “Election Integrity” Rally. The event, scheduled for August 6-7, marks seven months since rioters incited by Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol and promises to be filled with the same dangerous lies that led to the January 6th attack that left five people dead.

With Glenn Youngkin’s participation at this rally, he’s leading the charge in peddling Donald Trump’s dangerous and deadly conspiracy theories about the 2020 election — and it’s hardly the first time. Youngkin repackaged Trump’s nonsense rhetoric about non-existent voter fraud into an “election integrity plan” that he called “the most important issue” and based his entire campaign around.

Youngkin also spent months refusing to say that Joe Biden was the legitimately elected president — only half-heartedly admitting the truth after he won the Republican nomination.

Youngkin has repeatedly praised Donald Trump and has even gone so far as to admit that Trump, with his lies and conspiracies, “represents so much of why” he’s running for governor.

“Glenn Youngkin is once again showing Virginia who he really is: a far-right candidate with a harmful agenda who puts his loyalty to Donald Trump first — no matter the cost to Virginians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “If Glenn Youngkin attends the rally, he will be standing alongside some of the most radical members of the GOP who use bogus lies to undermine confidence in American elections. Youngkin must immediately drop out of this rally and renounce these deadly and dangerous conspiracy theories.”