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Gillespie v. Gillespie: The Many Faces of Ed Gillespie on Health Care

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In a debate debacle last night, Ed Gillespie made a mess on health care, contradicting himself and trying to have it every which way on the Graham-Cassidy plan. Even this morning, there’s still no indication of where Gillespie actually stands on this plan to cut $1.2 billion from health care in Virginia and kick over 800,000 Virginians off their coverage.
During the debate, Gillespie dodged and prevaricated, appearing to criticize the Graham-Cassidy plan:

But then afterwards, Gillespie and his team hit back hard against that impression, saying that he’s not taking a stance on the disastrous plan to rip healthcare from thousands of Virginia families:

“Ed Gillespie’s bungled debate responses on the dangerous Graham-Cassidy health care plan left Virginia voters with more questions than answers,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “So which is it? Where does Ed Gillespie actually stand on this bill? And why won’t he stand up on a federal bill with a $1.2 billion impact on Virginia’s budget that would kick 800,000 Virginians off their coverage?”