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Gillespie v. Gillespie On President Trump

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Ed Gillespie’s bizarre dance on Donald Trump continued today, as the GOP candidate tried to paper over his record of courting the President’s support.
“I don’t know the president,” Mr. Gillespie said in an interview at his headquarters here when asked whether he thought Mr. Trump was ethical. “I’ve not met him.” [New York Times, 10/15/17]
But just one year ago, Gillespie was bragging about his connections to Trump: “Gillespie’s support for the Trump-Pence ticket was ‘clear from the beginning.’” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/9/16]
And even just earlier this spring, he was touting his closeness to Trump’s Administration as an asset:  “I have a lot of friends, obviously, working in this administration – in the White House…I will get my calls returned.” [Larry O’Connor Show, 5/10/17]
Depending on when you ask, Ed Gillespie is either BFFs with President Trump or pretends he’s never heard of him,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But Virginia voters see right through Gillespie’s pretzel-like  contortions. No matter how much he tries to hide, Virginians know that Ed Gillespie will never stand up to Donald Trump’s agenda.”