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Gillespie Touts Trumpcare, Explores Waiver to Raise Rates on Pre-Existing Conditions

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VA-GOV candidate among first Republicans in nation open to pre-existing conditions waiver

In a new Newsweek article, Republican Ed Gillespie said that if elected governor, he would consider implementing the Trumpcare waiver to raise health care costs for Virginians with pre-existing conditions.

If some form of a waiver makes it into the final law, [Gillespie] continued, “I’ll take a look at it, look at the cost, what the funding for a risk pool would be and the impact on Virginians before making an informed decision.”

By waiving these protections in Virginia, 1,344,000 residents with pre-existing conditions could see their premiums increase by “unlimited amounts.” According to the Brookings Institute, “people with serious health conditions would face prohibitively high premiums.”

Gillespie joins Republican Governors Association Chair Gov. Scott Walker as one of the few Republican governors or candidates entertaining the idea.

“Today, Ed Gillespie joined Donald Trump in saying he’d let insurance companies raise premiums on Virginians who have had cancer or juvenile diabetes,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Ed Gillespie is so eager to prove his loyalty to Donald Trump that he’d put the health of thousands of Virginians at risk. Virginians just can’t trust Ed Gillespie to stand up to Donald Trump.”