Get the Popcorn, Thrasher’s Anti-Justice Ads Have Begun

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“Let’s face it. The governor was more focused on his companies than you.” – Woody Thrasher

Grab that blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and get comfy – the Thrasher v. Justice campaign ads in the West Virginia GOP gubernatorial primary have begun. And if the first ad is any indication, we are in for a ride.
Woody Thrasher’s new ad wastes no time hitting GOP Gov. Jim Justice on his abysmal handling of the state’s crumbling infrastructure, struggling economy, and poor handling of the opioid crisis. And those hits are landing where it will hurt.
West Virginia has the worst infrastructures among all U.S. states, with 20 percent of all bridges in the state deemed structurally deficient. The poor conditions of the state’s secondary roads have long dogged West Virginians. But Justice has failed to deliver the funding needed to fix it. 
Instead, Justice has used his office to line his own pockets by fast-tracking legislation that benefited one of his own properties. He’s been such a disappointing governor, he’s faced bipartisan calls to resign.
“Over and over again, Justice has put his personal gains ahead of West Virginians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While West Virginia’s roads continue to crumble and its families fall further behind, Jim Justice remains focused on just one thing: himself. Justice’s own Republican primary challenger said it best when it comes to Justice’s interest in West Virginia’s struggles – He’s not concerned, he’s doing just fine.”