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Georgia’s GOP Primary is a Job Killing Race to the Right

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GOP Candidates Threaten Business Climate with Far Right Fringe Issues

The Georgia Republican primary took another giant lurch to the right this week when Lt. Gov. Casey Caglethreatened to pull tax benefits for Delta, the state’s largest private employer, for cutting ties with the NRA.
It’s just the latest example of the Republican candidates threatening Georgia’s business climate with their extreme far right campaign promises.
Many of the Republicans running have also:

  • Vowed to sign the religious freedom bill that current GOP Gov. Deal vetoed after national businesses threatened to boycott the state.
  • Supported an adoption bill that prevents state agencies from placing children with LGBTQ families. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill.

As a reminder, Georgia is in the fight to attract Amazon’s 2nd headquarters to Atlanta. The possibility of a new governor pushing radical legislation would certainly be enough to ruin the deal.
“Georgia businesses are under attack by the far-right candidates running in the Republican primary,”said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “These candidates are so extreme, that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest employer, and the current Republican governor all oppose their radical agendas. Georgia needs a governor who will grow the economy, not kill jobs with a far-right social agenda.”