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Geoff Diehl Cements Far-Right Ticket With Anti-Choice, Anti-Vax Running Mate

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Trump-backed GOP primary frontrunner Geoff Diehl announced he’s picked a running mate who’s just as extreme as he is. Former state Rep. Leah Cole Allen, Goeff’s pick for lieutenant governor, is vehemently opposed to reproductive rights and is pandering to far-right extremists on vaccines.

In fact, Politico reported that Diehl’s campaign did not respond last night to questions about Allen’s vaccination status.” Allen is either refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine or is refusing to publicly discuss her vaccination status — in a state where nearly 98% of the population has received at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

Selecting Allen as his running falls right in line with the rest of Diehl’s ultra-right campaign for governor, and Allen is just one of many far-right extremists Diehl has surrounded himself with. Recently, Diehl convened with the most conservative members of the GOP at CPAC, where he told conservative radio he was “not worrying about what’s going on in Massachusetts.”

Diehl has gone all-in on his right-wing agenda and on embracing Donald Trump, a strategy reporting has called a “head-scratcher.” 

“In picking a running mate just as extreme as he is, Geoff Diehl confirmed once again that he cares more about appeasing Trump and the far-right than Massachusetts families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As Diehl drags on with his Trump-obsessed pursuit for the governor’s office, he’s proving to be more out-of-touch with Massachusetts voters every single day.”