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GA GOP Civil War Gets Worse As Kemp Slams Perdue With An Ethics Complaint

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Complaint Comes Soon After Perdue Filed Lawsuit Against Kemp

In a sign of how nasty the “epic GOP primary battle” in Georgia is getting, vulnerable governor Brian Kemp who is already facing a lawsuit from David Perdue is firing back with an ethics complaint of his own.

Specifically, 11Alive reports that Kemp’s complaint says that some of Perdue’s fundraising practices “violate state campaign financing laws” and calls for a “full investigation.”

Ramping up the Republican infighting, Perdue responded by saying Kemp is “desperate” and “will do anything to save himself.”

This comes soon after Perdue filed a lawsuit that challenges legislation Kemp signed behind closed doors that gives political incumbents like himself a significant advantage to create special committees that can raise unlimited contributions during the primary while all other candidates have contribution limits.

That of course led Kemp to directly slam Perdue as corrupt, saying “David Perdue’s record of shady stock deals makes clear that he really doesn’t like playing by the rules.”

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Brian Kemp and David Perdue are spending all of their time and money fighting each other in the most divisive primary in state history, they’ve done nothing to fight for Georgia families. Once Kemp and Perdue are done tearing each other to shreds, Georgians will reject the eventual Republican nominee because voters want a new leader who will actually deliver results for working families. That means expanding access to affordable health care, improving education, and lowering costs.”