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Fung’s Silence Speaks Volumes

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Cranston Mayor Allan Fung’s fear of letting voters know where he stands on important issues shows he lacks the strong leadership needed to serve as Rhode Island’s Governor.
Fung’s pattern of ducking important issues reached laughable proportions last week when he refused to comment on public criticism about his long silences on issues that matter to Rhode Islanders.
Here are recent issues on which Fung has not expressed an opinion, or only commented after outcry over his silence:

“Fung’s preposterous refusal to let voters know where he stands makes Rhode Islanders wonder what he’s hiding and should disqualify his candidacy,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Voters need to know where the candidates running to lead their state stand on important issues, and Fung’s hiding shows he does not take seriously the responsibilities of an elected leader.”