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Fung’s Campaign Defined By Hiding on the Issues

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In a new candidate profile, the Providence Journal highlights Mayor Allan Fung’s refusal to answer where he stands and shapeshifting on important policy issues. Of course this is nothing new for Mayor Fung—the Democratic Governors Association has been cataloging his failure to speak out for months. Earlier this spring, Fung even refused to comment on criticism that he too often refuses to comment.
The Providence Journal reported: “Fung has made it difficult for voters to pinpoint where he stands. He declined for months to answer media questions on some front-burner issues…Until just recently, his campaign website reflected only one big campaign initiative.”
“In a recent interview with The Journal, Fung spelled out his evolving positions on a number of issues. At times, his wife, Barbara Ann Fenton, a longtime GOP and right-to-life activist — jumped in.” 
Just a few of the topics on which Fung has been silent during his campaign for governor: