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Fung and Morgan Silent on Gun Violence As Thousands Rally in Providence

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This weekend, Governor Gina Raimondo addressed the thousands of Rhode Islanders who came together in Providence to demand action to prevent gun violence while Republican gubernatorial candidates Patricia Morgan and Allan Fung remained conspicuously silent.
Of course, hiding and “choosing to remain silent” is nothing new for Fung: he refused to speak out for a week after the shooting in Parkland before he admitted that he doesn’t support taking action to protect Rhode Islanders from gun violence.
Morgan knows her rejection of all gun safety measures is far outside the mainstream of Rhode Island. Last year, she even voted to allow convicted domestic violence offenders to own guns.
“Thousands of Rhode Islanders came together this weekend to demand action on gun violence, but Allan Fung and Patricia Morgan were totally silent,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold.“Rhode Island needs a leader who will take action to protect families from gun violence. That leader is Governor Gina Raimondo.”