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Frustration Over Parson’s Failures Hits the Breaking Point

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Mike Parson Ranked 49th of 50 Governors For His Response to Coronavirus

Microsoft News released a poll this weekend showing Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tied for second-to-last in governor approval ratings on handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Parson earned a measly 53%, scoring well below the average rating of 72%.
We’re not surprised – Parson has received scathing criticism from national media and news outlets across the state, as well as public health officials and business and health care leaders. After weeks of resisting calls to take action, Parson finally issued a stay at home order, but this halfhearted effort has already been criticized for being too lenient to be truly effective.
It’s Parson’s leadership (or lack thereof) during this public health crisis that resulted in the Cook Political Report moving the 2020 Missouri gubernatorial race to be more competitive.
“Mike Parson has failed to lead throughout this entire crisis,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While community leaders, medical professionals, statewide press, and business leaders have begged him to do his job, Parson has just continued to skirt his responsibility. This abysmal polling is just one more piece of evidence that Missourians are fed up with their governor whose refusal to take action is putting lives at risk. ”