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From the Chair’s Desk: Why the House GOP Budget is Wrong for States

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House Republicans unveiled their budget last week, and they must be counting on mass amnesia on the part of the American people – this budget relies on the same failed policies that drove our economy to the brink of a second Great Depression and imperils the steady progress we’ve made toward economic recovery. While we cannot continue to kick the can down the road and must take a balanced approach to getting our fiscal house in order, this plan would end Medicare as we know it for seniors, as well as push Medicaid costs on to states’ already-stretched budgets.
Republicans in Congress are trying to pass the buck – but it’s not going to work. Democratic governors across the country continue to focus on job creation and expanding opportunity, while making the modern investments a modern economy needs to continue growth.
In Connecticut, Governor Malloy inherited the largest per capita budget deficit of any state when he took office – $3.6 billion – and has now stabilized Connecticut’s finances in the toughest of fiscal climates, moving his state forward, not back. In California, Governor Brown has brought all parties to the table to reform pensions in a way that will get the state’s finances back on track – without demonizing workers, as many of our Republican colleagues have chosen to do.
Republicans in Congress must take a similarly balanced approach to solving our country’s significant fiscal challenges – without asking middle class families and seniors to bear the brunt of the burden for cleaning up a mess that they didn’t create. The House Republicans owe it to Americans counting on serious proposals from elected officials that will expand opportunities to sustain our economic recovery.
Jobs. Opportunity. Now.

Gov. Martin O’Malley