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Fright Night: DeSantis and Trump on Healthcare

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Tonight’s Halloween rally is sure to be a frightening performance as Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis try to sell their tricks as treats to Floridians.
DeSantis has stood shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump, supporting his Trumpcare plan to cut healthcare for 24 million people and gut protections for pre-existing conditions. DeSantis’ solution to Floridians without care? Just “show up to the emergency room.”

Well his message has fallen flat in Florida. DeSantis “rallies” have been dismally empty, as the Huffington Post reported he’s “had trouble mustering even 50 supporters to events in the closing weeks.” Short of dressing up as Donald Trump himself, DeSantis has to fly in Donald Trump for anyone to listen to him.
“Here’s a haunting prospect for Floridians: Ron DeSantis’ health care plan,” Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “With less than a week until election day, DeSantis desperately needs Trump to bolster his sputtering campaign. Unfortunately for DeSantis, Floridians see right through his tricks and won’t fall for them November 6th.”