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President Obama dominated this week’s debate by drawing the clearest possible contrasts with Mitt Romney – and how Romney’s one-point plan for a top down economy would return us to the failed policies that drove our economy to the brink.
President Obama’s vision is consistent, coherent, and clear: to create the new jobs of a new economy. To educate, innovate, and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. To increase American exports, and American manufacturing jobs. To increase American energy independence – from all sources –including the emerging new job sectors of renewable energy and clean-energy technology. To expand opportunity by making college more affordable for more families. To strengthen and grow the economic security and upward mobility of America’s middle class.
President Obama’s actions and policy choices have moved us forward on many fronts — private sector job growth, auto-industry restructuring, domestic energy production, college affordability, driving down home foreclosures to a five year low, and driving unemployment down to a four year low. More private sector jobs were created last year alone than in all eight years of the presidency of George W. Bush.
And the President has underscored the critical need for continued effort on issues like immigration reform and a balanced approach to tax reform and deficit reduction – he knows much work remains to be accomplished in a second term, and hopefully with a Congress that puts progress ahead of partisan gamesmanship.
But because of President Obama’s vision and actions, our nation is better off than when he took office. More people are working, not fewer. We are creating jobs, not losing them. We are moving forward, not back. And for the sake of so many of our neighbors who are still looking for work, we must continue to move forward.
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Martin O’Malley