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For Daniel Cameron, This Week is Bad News Bears

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For Daniel Cameron, This Week is Bad News Bears

We hate to be the (Teddy) Bearer of bad news but Daniel Cameron’s campaign needs help.

As Cameron is coming under attack for backing out of today’s debate and then lying about why, new reports yesterday are revealing that his fundraising has been completely absymal.That’s not the only bad news. Since Friday, not only has Cameron proposed going back to Matt Bevin’s plan to gut health care for over 100,000 Kentuckians, he’s also dealing with poll numbers showing a wide open primary and Kelly Craft and her allies painting him as a teddy bear in a suit. In fact, Cameron’s allies were forced to go negative in TV ads.

“After backing out of a debate with sinking polling and fundraising, it might be time for Daniel Cameron to call on his buddy Mitch McConnell for some help as the GOP primary promises to only get nastier and more expensive over the next month,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Cameron and the other extreme candidates focus on tearing each other down, Gov. Andy Beshear remains focused on fighting for the people of Kentucky and finding solutions to their everyday problems.”