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Following Sununu’s Wink and Nod At Debate, New Hampshire Democrats Launch “Is Sununu A Proud Trump Voter?” Website

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At last night’s gubernatorial debate, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu refused to answer whether or not he considers himself a proud Trump supporter. Spoiler alert – the answer is yes.

Despite all the dangerous and destructive policies Donald Trump has brought to New Hampshire and the rest of the country, Sununu has remained a loyal “Trump guy through and through.”

Sununu governs just like his mentor Donald Trump. The Republican governor sidelined public health experts during the pandemic and put lives at risk by allowing the Trump campaign to plan two potential super-spreader rallies in the state without enforcing mask-wearing or social distancing precautions. Sununu has also vetoed bills that would have made progress on climate change, the minimum wage, and reproductive health.

Visit the new site here.

“The Trump-Sununu agenda has already cost New Hampshire so much,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Following Donald Trump’s lead, Chris Sununu has stood in the way of progress in New Hampshire, denying Granite Staters a pay raise, access to paid family leave, and progress on reproductive health care, all while lining the pockets of his wealthy donors. In two weeks, Granite Staters will have the opportunity to vote against Donald Trump’s agenda twice.”