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Following Record-Breaking Economic Growth in 2021, Gov. Beshear Continues to Drive Kentucky Forward with Budget that Puts Public Education First

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Among major plans to grow the economy and make life better for Kentucky families, Gov. Andy Beshear unveiled his state budget proposal that makes a record $2 billion transformative investment in pre-K-12 education to help ensure every Kentucky child has access to a world-class education. The proposal would be the single largest education investment in Kentucky history.

The proposed policies in Gov. Beshear’s budget include ensuring pre-K for every four-year-old, fully funding transportation for Kentucky schools, and an additional $11 million each year in funding for statewide coaching and training for literacy and mathematics.

The budget also includes a 5% pay raise for all school personnel and student loan forgiveness programs for teachers.

“After Gov. Beshear’s leadership delivered record-breaking economic growth, billions of new investments, and thousands of new jobs in 2021, he’s proposing a historic investment in education that meets this moment of unprecedented economic success,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “From raising teacher pay, creating more opportunity for kids to investing in public education, Governor Beshear promised to put public education first  — and this budget delivers.”

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WKYT: Gov. Beshear delivers budget address in Frankfort; education ‘top priority’


​​He called it the “our future is now” budget with plans to invest in education, the workforce, and healthcare to change the trajectory of the Commonwealth, especially after the record year of economic growth and investments.

“Right now we don’t have to choose, we can be both fiscally responsible while making investments in our people,” Gov. Beshear said.

As Kentucky lawmakers work to pass a budget this session, the governor has an extensive wish list. All week we’ve been getting a look at what the governor is prioritizing, putting education at the top of his list. That includes funding pre-k, giving all school personnel 5% raises, and more than $500 million in seek funding.


LEO Weekly: ​ ​​Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s ‘Historic’ Education Budget Proposal Includes Funding Universal Pre-K, Teacher Raises, More

Three years since being elected governor in a race that hinged on the support of teachers, Gov. Andy Beshear has proposed a massive investment in statewide education, stretching from universal pre-K to needs-based college tuition funding. It also includes money for teachers, offering a 5% pay increase at minimum and student loan forgiveness.

In total, Beshear’s budget proposal directs billions in funding to education, which he says is made possible by a $1.9 billion revenue surplus in the state’s general fund. Beshear called his proposal “historic” and “game-changing.”


WSAZ: Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announces education budget proposal

Governor Andy Beshear announced on Monday part of his budget proposal which lawmakers will need to approve.

Beshear called the investments “game-changing. ” In his budget proposal, it includes a $2 billion investment in universal preschool for all 4 year-olds and full-day Kindergarten for every child in Kentucky, while the state House’s proposal would only fully fund kindergarten.

Gov. Beshear said, “No longer will tens of thousands of our children be left out of preschool or head start – programs that we know provide positive outcomes on children’s early literacy and mathematics skills and foster long-term educational success.”