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Following Mike Parson’s Refusal To Take COVID-19 Seriously Even After Contracting the Virus, DGA Re-Launches Digital Accountability Campaign

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Missourians Can See An Updated Timeline of How Their Governor’s Failure To Lead On The Pandemic Put Them In Danger

Since the DGA released its post-primary digital accountability campaign against Gov. Mike Parson, he’s continued to fail Missourians on the COVID-19 pandemic, and even became an asymptomatic spreader of the virus himself.

Today, the DGA updated its website to track all of Parson’s COVID-19 failures and show Missourians how he put the state in such a vulnerable position. His mistakes show he is unequipped to lead the state through this crisis and build back a stronger Missouri.

Parson’s latest failures include:

  • 9/30: Declaring “life goes on” after announcing himself “recovered” from COVID-19, ignoring the devastating impact for the over 2,000 Missourians who lost their lives to this virus

  • 9/21: Failing to follow White House Task Force recommendations, including a statewide mask mandate

  • 9/19: Failing to wear a mask while at a campaign event, four days before his positive COVID-19 test

  • 9/18: Allowing thousands of bikers to hold a potential superspreader event at the Lake of the Ozarks without any restrictions

  • 9/16: Calling Missouri’s case trends “very encouraging” as White House Task Force reports put Missouri in the “red zone” for new coronavirus cases

Parson still doesn’t take the pandemic seriously – even after he contracted it and exposed others. And as cases continue to rise, Missourians are paying the price. 

“Mike Parson preaches ‘personal responsibility’ but his entire response to COVID-19 has been completely irresponsible,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Even after testing positive for the virus, Parson still doesn’t take the deadly disease seriously, telling Missourians who have lost their loved ones or their livelihoods to  COVID-19 that ‘life goes on.’ Hopefully Missourians can move on from Parson on November 3rd.”

Visit the updated website here.