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Following An Insurrection and the Mishandling of a Deadly Pandemic, Jack Ciattarelli Thinks the Trump Administration Has “Been Good for America“

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During an interview this week, NJ GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli said he voted for Donald Trump in November because he believes the Trump administration’s agenda has “been good for America.” [13:03]

The Trump administration’s policies have been a complete disaster, for America and for New Jersey. Over the last four years, Donald Trump attempted to strip health care away from millions of peopleproposed slashing funding for public educationattempted to cut aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters, rolled back environmental protections, and mishandled a deadly pandemic, resulting in financial crisis, high unemployment, and unnecessary loss of life. And then he undermined a democratic election and incited an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Jack Ciattarelli thinks these things are “good.” Trump may no longer be in office – but Ciattarelli has made it clear he plans to carry out Donald Trump’s extreme, far-right agenda and court his supporters. In addition to Ciattarelli’s recent praise of Trump’s policies, Ciattarelli has attended “Stop the Steal” rallies in Trump’s honor, and when responding to the capitol insurrection, emulated Trump’s comments after Charlottesville, saying leaders from “both parties” share responsibility for the attack and “no one is innocent here.”

“Here’s a list of things Jack Ciattarelli thinks have been ‘good for America’ – inciting an insurrection, mishandling a deadly pandemic, attempting to strip health care away from millions of Americans, and trying to defund public education,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Ciattarelli has made it very clear he supports Donald Trump’s policies, and wants to bring all these things and more to the Garden State. Jack Ciattarelli’s far-right, radical agenda would not be ‘good’ for New Jersey.”