Flashback: Rauner Said He Had “No Obligation” to Protect Illinois Taxpayers from Republican Tax Plan

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Rauner Earlier Dodged Question on Curtailing Tax Break That Would Hit Illinois Hard

Yesterday, House Republicans unveiled their plan to rewrite the federal tax code. Early analysis shows the plan would be a boon for the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class. Just a few weeks ago, Rauner was asked to weigh in on the Republican plan but he refused:
Chicago Tribune’s Rick Pearson: “Don’t you owe the public and voters an obligation to say where you stand on these things? Where do you stand on eliminating the state and local tax deduction with Peter Roskam, your Republican colleague, and Republicans in Washington?  
Governor Bruce Rauner: “I have no obligation to comment on every possible policy change in Washington DC. I never have and never will. So, I appreciate your advocacy on that.”
The Chicago Tribune’s Rick Pearson was asking about a part of the Republican plan that would partially eliminate the ability for families to deduct state and local taxes from their income taxes. A new report shows that Illinois would be especially hit hard by this tax change – middle-class families would see their taxes rise on average 11.8% or nearly $700. The rest of the bill curtails other middle-class tax breaks like property tax, health care costs and student loan deductions while cutting taxes for the wealthiest.
Why won’t Rauner protect Illinois taxpayers?
“Even though he does not believe it, Governor Bruce Rauner has an obligation to stand up to President Trump and his dangerous ideas,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “So far he’s failed. At every turn, Rauner has put his own political interest ahead of ordinary Illinois families and its only resulted in higher debt and fewer jobs. Illinois voters simply cannot afford Rauner’s failed leadership anymore.”