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Flashback: McCrory Skips Appearance with Trump, Attends Closed Door Fundraiser Instead

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Flashback: McCrory Skips Appearance with Trump, Attends Closed Door Fundraiser Instead

JUNE 14: With McCrory in hiding, Trump praised NC Gov. for “doing a fantastic job”

Pat McCrory has fully embraced Donald Trump’s campaign, announcing his support of Trump and even attending a fundraiser for Trump at the home of a former McCrory cabinet official who resigned in 2015 under federal investigation.

But McCrory still has refused to cross one bridge: Appearing in public with Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, June 14, McCrory raised money for Trump at the home of former Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos, who is the subject of a federal investigation into contracting. As the Charlotte Observer reported“Trump came to the rally after attending a fundraiser at the home of Louis DeJoy and Dr. Aldona Wos. Wos is a major Republican fundraiser who was Gov. Pat McCrory’s first secretary of health and human services. McCrory attended the fundraiser but not the rally.” 

At the rally in Greensboro, Trump praised McCrory for “doing a fantastic job.” Watch the video below:

“Pat McCrory can’t show his face in public with Donald Trump, but apparently has no problem raising campaign cash for Trump behind closed doors,” said DGA communications director Jared Leopold. “As Trump praised McCrory at a campaign rally last week, McCrory was nowhere to be found. It’s time for Pat McCrory to face the facts: he’ll never be able to outrun his support for Donald Trump’s disastrous campaign.”