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“First Blood” in Messy Louisiana Primary as Republicans Launch Attack Ads

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“First Blood” in Messy Louisiana Primary as Republicans Launch Attack Ads

State Treasurer John Schroder drew “first blood” in Louisiana’s chaotic gubernatorial primary this week with a pair of new TV ads “skewering” his Republican opponents for their “corruption and failure.”

The new ads are the latest development in a race so defined by sniping and infighting that party leaders have had to intervene amidst echoes of the 2015 and 2019 races — where intra-party feuding “squandered [GOP] opportunities to win the Governor’s Mansion.

While the Republicans in the race show no sign of stopping their attacks on one another, Shawn Wilson continues to travel the state, consolidate support, and focus on building a strong  coalition that has made him one of the only candidates who has “consistently polled in double digits.”

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Shreveport Times: John Schroder draws first blood in Louisiana governor’s race TV ads, skewering Landry, Wags

  • The first ad begins with a narrator saying, “Tired of Louisiana corruption and failure,” then proceeds to say Landry funneled $420,000 in campaign funds to a company he owns and paid himself $200,000 in annual income.
  • Then the spot emphasizes Waguespack’s ties to Jindal, who was elected twice but was unpopular when he left office. “Waguespack and Jindal wrecked out public universities and our state budget,” the narrator says.
  • Schroder’s second ad also attacks Landry and Waguespack with the narrator beginning: “Politicians, corruption, failure. It’s put Louisiana’s economy and schools at the bottom; crime on top.”
  • It continues: “Satisfied? Then vote for political insiders (with images of Landry and Waguespack) or demand change.”

WWL: Gloves off: John Schroder takes aim at Landry, Waguespack

  • In the Louisiana governor’s race, State Treasurer John Schroder takes a shot at fellow Republicans Jeff Landry and Stephen Waguespack in his latest TV ads, calling them political insiders who will not address the issues affecting Louisiana.
  • One Schroder ad displays news headlines of Louisiana ranking near the bottom in education, economic opportunity, and business, and near the top in crime and corruption. It then shows Stephen Waguespack and Jeff Landry, two of Schroder’s opponents in the governor’s race, as the voiceover tells listeners that if they are satisfied with that, to “vote for political insiders.”
  • Another ad slams Landry for using campaign money to hire a company he owns, and links Waguespack, a former Jindal administration official, to the state’s cuts in higher education when Bobby Jindal was governor.
  • Landry has been the front-runner in most polls to date, typically 30 percent or better, with every other Republican in single digits. Democrat Shawn Wilson is the only other candidate who has consistently polled in double digits.