Fancy Farm Preview: Forecast Says… Bevin’s Gonna Get Booed

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Bevin’s sabotage of Kentuckians’ health care, attacks on teachers and public education made him the nation’s most unpopular governor
Fancy Farm is tomorrow, which gives Kentuckians another opportunity to remind the country why Matt Bevin is the nation’s most unpopular governor.
What made Bevin the most unpopular governor? He sabotages Kentuckians’ health care, attacks teachers and public education funding, and fails working families.
On top of all that, his flippant style and insulting comments further harm Bevin’s standing with Kentucky.
Bevin’s unpopularity transcends party. He still hasn’t resolved his feud with his lieutenant governor and hasn’t done anything to win back the 48 percent of Republican voters who chose another candidate in the gubernatorial primary.
It should be interesting to see Bevin handle the criticism in real time with nowhere to run. Especially since Bevin instructed staffers to block users online who criticized him.
No matter what happens when Bevin takes the stage tomorrow, he won’t be able to hide from the voters who made him the nation’s most unpopular governor.