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Falwell on VAGOV Endorsement: “I’m trying to decide which one is most like Donald Trump”

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Over the weekend, the stakes got higher in the Virginia GOP primary competition over which gubernatorial candidate is most like Donald Trump.
Now on the line: The endorsement of Liberty University President and evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Falwell told the Lynchburg News and Advance his criteria for his upcoming endorsement in the primary
“In a text message after the debate, Falwell said he knows who he’ll support but will not announce his decision ‘publically for now.’
‘I’m trying to decide which one is most like Donald Trump,’ Falwell said in an interview before the debate.”
The primary was already a Trump lovefest, with candidates arguing over who supports the President more. Falwell, an early backer of Trump’s candidacy, may be able to settle the debate once and for all with his endorsement.
However, Trump is deeply unpopular with Virginians. According to a recent Roanoke College poll, he only has a 32% approval rating in the commonwealth.