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Fallin’s Failure: Oklahoma Education Crisis Comes to a Head

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s failure to adequately fund education is gaining national attention as teachers are contemplating a statewide strike. Educators in the state had not received a raise in a decade. Fallin granted the schools some emergency funds, but for many teachers, it’s too little too late.
From the Associated Press report:
In both Arizona and Oklahoma, teachers are mulling whether the current offer from the Legislature is enough to avert a work stoppage. The union in Oklahoma was demanding $75 million in new funding for education, and is expected to get $50 million under the plan…Many rank-and-file teachers are demanding that all of their needs are met before they agree to stop a walkout.
The state has already suffered mightily under Fallin’s budget cuts:

  • One fifth of all school districts can only afford four day school weeks.
  • The state ranks 48th in teacher pay.
  • Since 2008, the state has cut per-pupil funding by 28%, the largest cut in the nation.

Oklahomans are fed up with Fallin’s leadership. She is one of the least popular governors in the county. A Sooner Poll from earlier this year showed her favorability under water by 23 points. Oklahoma voters are looking for a change this November, not more of the failed policies of Mary Fallin and her allies.
“Mary Fallin has failed the students, teachers, and parents of Oklahoma,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Fallin let Oklahoma schools fall apart and voters have had enough. This education crisis is just one of the many reasons Fallin is one of the worst governors in the country.”