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Failures Hang Over Snyder’s Final State of the State

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Snyder Favorability at 35.8%

Today, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is giving his final State of the State speech before leaving office. And according to a new poll from WDIV, voters are happy to see him go:

  • Only 35.8% of voters have a favorable opinion of Snyder.
  • 58.9% of voters think Michigan is not better off than when Snyder took over in 2011.
  • Snyder is below 40% favorability with women and under 15% with black voters.

It makes a lot of sense that Michiganders are fed up. Though the disaster in Flint remains the most memorable Snyder scandal, the list is a lot longer. Snyder’s administration falsely accused 20,000 Michiganders of committing insurance fraud. His Veterans Affairs director resigned in disgrace after completely mismanaging the privatization and oversight of Michigan’s veterans homes. Snyder signed anti-worker legislation after promising not to. And his decision to switch the state to private prisons yielded multiple scandals.

“Most Michiganders agree, Michigan is not better off with Rick Snyder as governor,” said DGA communications Director Jared Leopold. “Snyder’s record of failure and scandal has done lasting damage to the state. This November, Snyder’s failed leadership will be a huge drag on the Republican nominee, and Michigan voters will vote for a Democrat who will bring much-needed change from the failed Snyder policies.”