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Failed Presidential Candidates Try to Rescue “Underdog” Bruce Rauner

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As political observers declare Governor Bruce Rauner the “underdog” in the race for Illinois governor, two presidential has-beens are desperately swooping in an attempt to rescue his flailing campaign.
Yesterday, both Scott Walker and Jeb Bush expressed their support for the failed governor; ‘Winless Walker’, who just lost another high profile race in Wisconsin, made news for an upcoming fundraising trip to Illinois and Bush defended  Rauner’s disastrous record. Together, the failed presidential aspirants are an underwhelming one-two punch for a candidate who has been dubbed an “underdog,” the “most vulnerable incumbent,” and “The Worst Republican Governor in America.”
“Underdog candidate Bruce Rauner’s desperate campaign is scraping the bottom of the barrel in the surrogate department with two failed presidential candidates,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Jeb! and Scott Walker may be asking Ives’ Republicans to ‘please clap’ for Rauner’s failure, but it’s clear they’re not interested.”