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Failed Leader at Work: McCrory Picks National TV Over Solving Problem He Created

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Failed Leader at Work: McCrory Picks National TV Over Solving Problem He Created

 On Fox News, Governor attempts to punt blame: ‘I don’t have the authority to change the law’

Facing a deadline over the loss of North Carolina federal funding tomorrow, Governor Pat McCrory flew to Washington today to protest his case with Fox News’s Chris Wallace.

McCrory refused to accept accountability for the $77 million in economic damages caused by House Bill 2, and attempted to punt responsibility to the state legislature.

“I don’t have the authority to change the law as … Governor of North Carolina. That is made by the North Carolina legislature,” McCrory said to Chris Wallace when asked about his response to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Instead of hammering out a solution with the legislature, McCrory was sitting in a Washington, D.C. television studio.

McCrory, who signed HB2 into law within 12 hours, has refused to call for the law’s repeal – despite the billions of dollars in potential economic harm to North Carolina.

“Pat McCrory’s failed leadership of North Carolina was on display for the entire nation on Sunday,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Instead of owning up to the economic disaster he created, Pat McCrory chose to preen on national television and punt the blame to his friends in the legislature. North Carolina deserves a strong leader who will put the economy first – that’s why Roy Cooper is surging in the polls.”