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Fact Check: Uniting Missouri Ad Labeled False And Misleading

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Mike Parson’s allies are spreading lies in their desperate attempt to beat Nicole Galloway. Uniting Missouri, the PAC behind Parson’ reelection bid, has released a new attack ad riddled with falsehoods, Missouri station KMOV’s fact-check finds. In fact, KMOV found that nearly every claim in the ad was either false or misleading. 

The ad proclaims Parson called a special session to address violent crime in Missouri, but Parson did not call a special session last year when the number of homicides in St. Louis rose to the second-highest they’ve been in a decade. While the ad tries to paint Nicole Galloway as emboldening radicals by using footage of protests, it uses footage that doesn’t come from Missouri, and Galloway has released statements condemning violence.

The ad also brings up campaign fundraising, claiming Galloway’s campaign has been funded by extremists. This is not true – KMOV found Galloway had no connection to extremist groups, and a large number of her donations were from grassroots, small dollar donors. Galloway outraised Parson last quarter and over the last month – so the Parson camp’s latest, dishonest ad must be the result of fear and desperation.

Parson’s allies are likely trying to distract from Parson’s poor record on COVID-19 and failure to help hard working families during the pandemic. It doesn’t appear to be working – Parson’s approval ratings have been abysmal and a poll from July shows the governor’s race in a statistical tie.

Watch the entire fact-check here.

“Mike Parson and his allies are so desperate to cling to power that they’re resorting to lies to cover up his poor record on COVID-19 and failure to help working families in the state,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Parson has repeatedly failed to step up when Missourians needed him most. Missourians will see through the lies and vote for a new way in November.”