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FACT CHECK, TRUE: Stacey Abrams Paid Off 68,000 Georgians’ Medical Debt

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Meanwhile, the Candidates in the GOP Primary are Spending Big to Hit Each Other

A fact check by WMAZ confirmed Stacey Abrams’ worked to pay off over the medical debt for over 68,000 Georgians, with the report concluding: “Yes, Stacey Abrams’ nonprofit paid off medical debt for 68,000 Georgians.”

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While Stacey Abrams spends to help struggling Georgians, the GOP primary is getting even nastier, with Trump set to hold a rally in Georgia to boost David Perdue and attack Brian Kemp.

A group called Georgia Action Fund supporting Perdue is also spending big to attack Kemp with an ad featuring Trump, and Trump also recently held a fundraiser for David Perdue, where he slammed Kemp as a “horrendous RINO who has betrayed the people of Georgia, and betrayed Republican voters.”

All of this chaos is forcing the RGA to spend even more to protect Kemp from his Trump-endorsed GOP challenger, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in new statewide TV ads. All told, the RGA has spent $850,000 to boost Kemp — marking the first time in history they’ve financed TV attacks to support an incumbent against a GOP challenger in a primary.

“Stacey Abrams is working hard to help Georgians through tough times — and she’s got the receipts to prove it,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, the only thing David Perdue and Brian Kemp are proving is that their primary is a messy and expensive fight to tear each other apart.”