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FACT CHECK: RGA Ad In Arizona Would Get An “F”

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Pro-Ducey Ad Omits Key Facts And Evidence

Today, as Arizona teachers begin the first day of their statewide walkout for more education funding, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) released a new video fact checking the Republican Governors Association’s (RGA) failed attempt at boosting Doug Ducey’s flailing campaign.
The video, titled, “All Theater, No Plan” uses stories from Arizona media to pull apart the RGA’s first ad of the cycle piece-by-piece. In short, Governor Ducey is light on the details and has no explanation of how he will pay for his proposal.

“Doug Ducey is now begging the RGA to bail him out, but the facts speak for themselves,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He’s been light on details and has no explanation as to how he will actually implement his plan. His disastrous record on education is already creating enormous electoral problems for him, and those are not going to get any better by November.”