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Facing Abysmal Fundraising Numbers and a Floundering Campaign, Heidi Ganahl Backs Out of Her Pledge to Limit Campaign Spending

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After pledging to abide by a campaign spending cap, Colorado GOP candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl is asking for a take-backsies on her promise in an apparent attempt to inject life back into her dying campaign.

Another example of Hiding Heidi hiding from voters behind self-admitted gimmicks, Ganahl jumped at the chance to back out of the pledge through a loophole that allows her to exit the agreement when another gubernatorial candidate joins the field – again.

By limiting her campaign spending, Ganahl was allowed to accept higher individual donations. But Ganahl’s grassroots support completely failed to get off the ground now after TWO campaign launches.

Ganahl had fewer grassroots donors than fellow far-right conspiracy theorist Danielle Neuschwanger, whose campaign is gaining traction while Ganahl sputters out. Instead, a whopping 41% of Ganahl’s total 2021 fundraising came from her own bank account.

Now, Ganahl is hoping she can spend her way out of the bottom, buying up Washington consultants and staff just to catch up to an increasingly popular Neuschwanger, who recently won back-to-back straw polls at gubernatorial forums and has shown up to GOP forums across the state – unlike Hiding Heidi, who has been avoiding public events, afraid of letting her true far-right colors show.

“Ganahl is so desperate to get her campaign off the ground, she’s breaking her promise to Coloradans,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “But going back on her word to voters will do nothing to solve the numerous issues her campaign is dealing with. Instead, her most recent 180 just signals to Coloradans exactly what kind of governor she’d be — someone who plays political games, walks back on promises, and will do whatever it takes to avoid being held accountable.”