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Facing a Crowded and Extremist Field, Mark Amodei Dodges Nevada GOP Primary “Where Everybody Just Tries to Bash Their Way to Victory”

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After months of criticizing the weak and crowded Nevada GOP primary field, Mark Amodei has announced he won’t run for governor. In his decision, Amodei cited that the race will be highly hostile and bruise the eventual nominee in the general election.

“You better have a plan that’s going to make you different than just ‘vote for me because I don’t like the other guy,’” said Amodei, adding that the current Republican candidates will try to “bash their way to victory.”

Amodei is desperate to avoid association with the far-right field, which he’s said he’s “not taken with” and would pull him so far to the right he would be unelectable.

Dean Heller and Joe Lombardo have failed to consolidate support. Their unpopularity has led several challengers to jump in, making for a crowded and expensive race. Each candidate is running on Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ that the 2020 election was stolen, an issue deeply unpopular with Nevadans.

On top of his harsh criticisms of the Republican field, Amodei is avoiding running against a strong incumbent in Gov. Steve Sisolak. He’s even admitted that Gov. Sisolak should be “the happiest guy in the state right now” because the GOP field is so horrible, and the race will be inescapably bruising.

“Mark Amodei is hiding from the Nevada GOP primary because he knows he and the rest of the field are unelectable against Gov. Steve Sisolak,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The Republican primary will be dominated by far-right litmus tests that alienate Nevada voters and disqualify each candidate from leading the Silver State. Gov. Sisolak is poised for victory over the GOP’s unpopular agenda.”