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Extreme & Ineffective: John Kasich’s Budget Goes Up In Flames

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John Kasich’s budget went up in flames yesterday when House Republicans gutted every one of his major initiatives. It follows the crash and burn of Bobby Jindal’s similarly extreme plan earlier this week.

Kasich proposed a middle class tax hike to pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Ohioans – that’s dead. He proposed a new school funding formula that did nothing to help students in high-need communities – that’s dead. And after two years of railing against Obamacare, he tried to seem moderate by proposing an expansion of the Medicaid program – now that’s dead too.
Here’s the truth: John Kasich’s tax and education proposals showed he is too extreme for the people of Ohio, including the small business owners and lawmakers in his own party who helped sink them both. And when he pretends to be a moderate to improve his political standing, he’s just too ineffective to get anything done.  Ohio deserves better from their governor – and they’ll get it in 2014.

Here’s a sample of the coverage:

VIDEO: WCPO Cincinnati: Kasich’s Tax Plan “In Tatters”
VIDEO: WCMH Columbus: Kasich’s Sales Tax Hike Out Of Budget
Toledo Blade: “Ohio House Republicans dealt major blows today to their own governor’s proposed budget, shelving his plan to expand Medicaid, stripping out two-thirds of his tax overhaul, and changing how he wanted to fund schools.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Republican House lawmakers on Tuesday took a jackhammer to Gov. John Kasich’s “Job’s Budget 2.0,” gutting the governor’s plan for sweeping tax reform.”
Columbus Dispatch: “Legislative Republicans rolled out a plan today that eliminates most of Gov. John Kasich’s tax proposals in his two-year, $63.3 billion budget. House GOP leaders threw out Kasich’s tax cuts and replaced it.”
Columbus Business First: “Ohio House Republicans Reject Kasich Plans for Medicaid, Sales Tax, Frack Tax, Small-Business Tax Cut”
Columbus Dispatch“Kasich’s Tax Proposals, Medicaid Expansion Out in House GOP Plan”
Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Ohio House Republicans scrap much of Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal”
Toledo Blade: “Ohio House Republicans Make Major Changes to Kasich’s Proposed Budget”
Cincinnati Enquirer: “GOP Leaders Take Medicaid Plan Off Budget”
StateImpact/NPR: “Ohio House Moves Away from Kasich’s School Funding Plan”
Canton Repository: “Ohio House Trims Kasich Income-Tax Cut to 7 Percent”