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Extreme Comments and Awkward Dodges Dominate James Craig’s First 24 Hours of Teasing a Campaign for Michigan Governor

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As top Republicans in Michigan like “dream candidate” Candice Miller, Ronna McDaniel and now even Congressman Fred Upton are passing on the GOP primary for governor, the Michigan GOP’s latest backup option is James Craig – who is already taking extreme stances and dodging questions in just 24 hours of teasing a campaign. 

First, Craig refused to denounce the GOP’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen — even though those far-right lies fueled the insurrection on January 6th that led to several deaths and injured over 100 police officers. On video, Craig was asked specifically: “Do you think the 2020 election it was fraud? Widespread fraud in Michigan and around the country?”

Craig refused to denounce his party’s lies, saying: “I’m not going to talk about politics today.” 

In another brutally awkward clip, Craig was simply asked on WDIV 4 in Detroit“Are you a Trump supporter though?”

Instead of answering this basic question, Craig once again dodged, saying: “You know, I’m not going to get into politics right now.”  

Of course, while Craig used the weak excuse that he didn’t want to talk politics to avoid tough questions, he hypocritically had no problem doing exactly that in appearances in uniform on Fox News and Newsmax, where he promoted his potential campaign.

Craig’s rough start comes as the Michigan GOP primary for governor, which already includes insurrectionist Ryan Kelley, is likely growing and getting more extreme. Anti-masker Garrett Soldano, who pushed a fake cure for COVID-19, recently announced his campaign, while far-right talk show host Tudor Dixon is preparing for a run. 

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “After top Republicans in Michigan are passing on the governor’s race, the best the Michigan GOP can come up with is James Craig — who is already dodging basic questions and refusing to disavow the GOP’s dangerous false claims about the last election. If the last 24 hours have shown us anything, it’s that the GOP’s primary is going to get messier and more extreme.”