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Every State, Every Vote: The Blue Wall of Democratic Governors In Swing States to Ensure Every Vote Is Counted

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As Americans await the results of the presidential election, Democratic governors in the swing states that have yet to be finalized are protecting our democracy and ensuring every single vote is counted.

While President Trump’s campaign claims false victories and attempts to create chaos in our democratic election, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper are defending the democratic process and ensuring full and fair counts.

In August, a coalition of Democratic governors led by Every State, Every Vote Co-Chair Oregon Gov. Kate Brown warned President Trump might try to suppress the vote, as he is doing now, and committed to carrying out a safe, secure general election. The governors said: “Americans don’t deserve a period of instability after the election, especially not after the instability that the pandemic has already brought to our communities.

The ability to step up and lead in a crisis when the Trump administration has failed is one of the many reasons why Americans in swing states support their Democratic governor more than the President. These Democratic governors have paved the way for Joe Biden to get to 270 electoral votes. Democratic governors currently represent 288 electoral college votes – and since 2016, the DGA has won in nine states that went for Trump in the 2016 election.

Nearly all of the remaining states that could help the Biden-Harris ticket reach 270 are states Trump won in 2016 that now have Democratic governors – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

“Once again, the blue wall of Democratic governors is the last line of defense against Donald Trump,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “While the Trump campaign attacks our election, Democratic governors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and North Carolina are defending the democratic process. They will ensure that every vote is counted, and every voice is heard.”

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