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Every State, Every Vote: Superior Court Blocks Chris Sununu’s Attempt to Infringe on Granite Staters’ Fundamental Right to Vote

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On Thursday, a superior court judge ruled against New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s 2017 law that required new voters to present onerous paperwork to prove New Hampshire residency or face penalties saying it would have created confusion, caused long lines at the polls, and particularly burdened low income and young voters. 
Judge David Anderson rejected the Republicans’ argument that the law, known as SB3, does not impose unnecessary roadblocks to voting. He ruled that the law burdens a person’s “fundamental right to vote” by imposing subtle hurdles and discouraging voters “from showing up in the first place.” The judge was concerned that the law would have the greatest impact on people who participate in same-day voter registration, which tend to be younger people, college students, and low-income residents.
Every State, Every Vote Co-Chair Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement:
“I applaud the judge’s decision to find SB3 unconstitutional on the grounds that it imposes roadblocks on voters and discourages people from showing up at the polls on election day. Granite Staters should not be subjected to long, ridiculous forms and burdened with unnecessary documentation when trying to exercise their right to vote. Governor Sununu’s attempt to disenfranchise young, low-income voters is shameful. As governors, we should be fighting for free and fair elections, not trying to demolish them.”