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Every State, Every Vote Responds to the DOJ’s Decision to Sue the State of Georgia over Gov. Brian Kemp’s Attack on Voting Rights

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Today, the Department of Justice announced it will be suing the state of Georgia over Gov. Brian Kemp’s voter suppression bill that restricts Georgians’ voting rights and seeks to disenfranchise Black voters.

The bill, which includes measures such as unnecessary new requirements for absentee ballots, limiting drop boxes, and criminalizing handing out water to voters waiting in long lines, is a clear attack on the right to vote — and one that specifically targets Black Georgians.

Every State, Every Vote Co-Chair Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement:

“I am thankful for the Biden administration and the Department of Justice for refusing to let this despicable attack on Georgians’ constitutional rights go unchallenged.

“After Republicans lost elections in Georgia, Brian Kemp’s blatant efforts to silence Black voters under the guise of ‘election integrity’ are reminiscent of policies straight out of the Jim Crow era. Our democracy is stronger when more people participate in it. Not only are the GOP’s voter suppression bills blatantly discriminatory, but they threaten to weaken one of America’s most sacred institutions.

“We will not let these attacks on voting rights stand. While Republicans across the country are deliberately trying to strip Americans of the right to vote in desperate attempts to cling to power, Democratic governors are fighting to protect and expand voting rights. We look forward to electing a Democratic governor in Georgia and beating Brian Kemp in 2022, to finally put an end to this assault on Americans’ constitutional rights.”