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Every State, Every Vote Responds to Florida Supreme Court’s Decision to Upholds GOP Gov. DeSantis’ Anti-Voter Policy

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Yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis’ blow to voting rights in the state will stand. In June, Gov. DeSantis signed legislation mandating that convicted felons must pay fines and other fees related to their sentences before voting. The bill was a direct blow to a constitutional amendment, overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2018, that allows convicted felons to vote after serving their time.
The amendment would have re-enfranchised 1.4 million people and was lauded by civil rights groups across the country. By forcing individuals to pay all fines and fees before voting, it’s estimated that the number of people who will be eligible to vote will be cut in half.
Every State, Every Vote Co-Chair Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement:
“Yesterday’s ruling by the Florida Supreme Court is a blow to voting rights. By supporting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ blatant attempt to dismantle re-enfranchisement efforts, this ruling goes directly against the voters’ wishes. Who is in the governor’s office matters to voting rights and it’s clear democracy does not have an ally in Gov. DeSantis.”